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Bandung Layer Cakes and Bakeries

While most of you already know that the best Layer Cakes (Kuih Lapis or Kue Lapis) come from Indonesia, it was much talked about on other people’s blogs that Bandung has some awesome Layer Cakes there. So, trying it was right on top of my list.

Kartikasari or Kartika Sari is one of the most famous bakeries in Bandung. Specialising in layer cakes and Pisang Molen they do not come cheap at all! Be warned that a brick of layer cake will set you back Rp.140,000 (RM 44.80) For a full sized layer cake, the price is Rp440,000 (RM 140.00) and per slice, Rp.8,000 (RM 2.50). So, how many layer cakes did you promise your relatives and friends?

Kartikasari Bakery

The KartikaSari bakery is also a very popular stop for all Jakarta tourist. For the record, the common locals do not shop here. It is sort of a luxury bakery and one can spend thousands of Rupiah in Kartika Sari alone. Seriously, even my supir/driver has never tried the layer cake from Kartikasari. I ended up buying one for him since he was so patient and a very nice person. I asked him if he had tried it and his reply was ‘this is rich mans cakes, I usually get my wife to make them or buy them from the local stalls’.

Kartika Sari notice

Kartikasari also claims to be only in Bandung! No other outlets outside of Bandung, so one can only get them in Bandung. A damn good gimmick to keep people coming back to Kartika Sari in Bandung.

The famous layer cake at Kartikasari
A selection of pastries at Kartikasari
Kartikasari crowd

The crowd at Kartikasari is simply amazing on weekends. Every bakery outlet we pass, you would see this kind of crown in there. People seem to be buying 3 or 4 layer cakes per person not forgetting the other goodies there. This alone shows that Kartikasari is really popular in Bandung not only for the layer cake but also for the overall selection.

More choices at Kartikasari
Choices are amazing at Kartikasari. Besides the Layer Cake, Pisang Molen, Pastries, nonya cakes, ice cream and all types of cakes are available here. Other items include Indonesian biscuits and keropok. Seriously, some of the stuff here is better than back in KL. Especially the pastries. But again, the Layer Cake is simply awesome!Here are the addresses and contact numbers of the Kartika Sari Bakery:

  • Jalan Buah Batu 165A – Tel: +62 22 7379385
    This outlet is the main branch and is in front of Bandung main train station.
  • Jalan Kebon Jukut 3C
    Tel: +62 22 4230397
  • Jalan H. Akbar
    Tel: +62 22 4231355
  • Jalan Kopo Sayati 111A
    Tel: +62 22 5414340
  • Jalan Terusan Jakarta 77E
    Tel: +62 22 4230397
  • Jalan Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago)

Mayasari is another well known outlet which sells the layer cakes and pisang bolen . Not that I saw a lot of them in town, but the one at the airport before you leave was pretty stocked up with slabs of layer cake or slices of it. Last minute shoppers would tend to use up the remaining rupiahs there by buying the layer cakes or like we did. I bought 2 slices of layer cake and ate it there itself.
Layer cakes available in slices at Mayasari
Layer cake in rolls. Priced at Rp.85,000 (RM 27.00) per roll

Mayasari Address in Bandung:Jl. Dr. Junjungan No. 143 BTC LGF A-4 No. 7 Tel: 022 6126375
Jl. Kebon Kawung No. 22 Bandung Tel: 022 4222444
Jl. Cihampelas No. 110 Bandung Tel: 022 2042678
Jl. Sukamukti No. 10 Bandung Tel: 022 2034444
Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 259 Bandung Tel: 0803207867


Holland Bakery in town

Another chain of bakeries in Bandung called Holland Bakery. They are so prominent, you can easily identify them by the windmills on top of the building. Even the taxi drivers know of Holland Bakery. We bought a few pastries from here but I did not see any layer cakes. I assumed they were finished as it was quite late at night. Driving around town, I counted at least about 3 Holland Bakeries around town.

Holland Bakery outlets address:

Jl. Sunda 68 Bandung, Tel: 022 4234434
Jl. Kopo Bihbul No. 47 Bandung, Tel: 022 5425235
Jl. Dr.Abdul Rivai No. 7 Bandung, Tel: 022 4266627
Jl. Merdeka No. 68 Bandung, Tel: 022 4221121
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 103 X Bandung, Tel: 022 2036675

So, desserts in Bandung can turn out to be an exciting adventure. You just have to ask around for the really good and popular stuff. Again I stress, please try the Layer Cake in Bandung. They really taste so different from the layer cakes in Malaysia.


Cabang ke 6
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 167
Ph : 022.927.541.9

Harga mulai dari
Rp. 20.000 ( Brownies Kukus Original )
Rp. 26.000 ( Brownies Choco Marbles )
Rp. 30.000 ( Brownies Tiramisu )
Rp. 26.000 ( Brownies Banana Biz )
Rp. 39.000 ( Brownies Cream Cheese )
Rp. 26.000 ( Brownies Sarikaya Pandan )
Rp. 26.000 ( Brownies Blueberry )

Salah satu pioneer yang membawa Brownies Kukus menjadi suatu demam Brownies Kukus, yang pada masa keemasannya…orang-orang bisa rela mengantri dari belum buka toko hingga menunggu sampai seperti ular tangga saking panjangnya mengantri bahkan sampai kudu ambil nomor saking ramainya..

Hingga kini kios – kios mini yang menjual brownies ini di sepanjang jalan daerah yang di lalui oleh turis domestik masih tetap ada. Harganya yang murah 20 ribu perloyang sehingga masih bisa memungkinkan untuk menjual di atas harga toko. Cuma permasalahannya karena mereka ini bukan kios resmi dari Amanda, apakah kuenya masih fresh ? apakah memang buatan dari Amanda ? yah terserah anda yang menilainya..

Cuma ada satu yang aku harapkan, bahwa mereka menjual brownies2 mini dengan beraneka rasa, jadi buat aku yang makannya cuma sedikit masih bisa cobain semua macam rasa. Jadi selama ini baru cobain rasa yang original aja.

Apa bedanya brownies kukus ini dengan brownies panggang ? menurut saya sih, kalo brokus ini teksturnya beda yaitu lebih lebih basah terutama brokus buatan di sini lebih rich di banding merek lain. Memang lebih wangi di bandingin dengan lainnya. Jadi makannya juga gak bisa banyak2 kalo gak yaa jadinya eneg deh….selain berat badan nambah terus hehehe..


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