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Factory Outlets at Dago, Bandung

Shopping in Bandung is one of the few experiences one should take as right now, it is a local market only with a few Malaysians and Singaporeans heading there. They mostly cater to the people from Jakarta that come there for the weekends to buy up everything. Since AirAsia open the flight route there, many Malaysians have been there solely to shop at the factory outlets or try the Sundanese food.

Bandung – Road Sign to the factory outlets

If you know the roads in Bandung well, you could make your own way there but I would not advise even trying. Time spent looking for the places would be good shopping time wasted! Anyway, it is quite cheap to hire a van for the entire day shopping the factory outlets in Bandung.

Bandung – One of the rows of outlets in Dago

The main attraction there are the Factory Outlets. Locally known as Outlets or FOs, they are spread well around Bandung city. One may think they are like F.O.S in Malaysia, but they are not, trust me. Much better than what we have here. On a lighter note, if you are super bandy and trendy, then you are better off shopping in Hong Kong, Bangkok or Spore and give Bandung a miss.
Bandung – Grande Fashion Gallery

Dago Factory Outlet area – One of the interesting areas where most of the factory outlets are based in old converted colonial bungalows. There are about 8 to 10 factory outlets there and once reaching there, you can walk from outlet to outlet as most of them are next to each other. Local hawkers would be in front of almost any factory outlet selling drinks and food. You will also see some selling souvenirs or even cheap knock-off t-shirts by the road.

Bandung – Episode Factory Outlet

The thing to look out for are the ‘brands’. So if you see Versace and Louis Vuitton on entering a factory outlet, be cautious. They are most likely 99% fake. Those who do not know will fall for it while those who know will just buy it since t is cheap. Maybe as a gift for someone home?

Men’s Shopping – Brands like Hugo Boss, Burberry, Versace, Timberland, Nike, Manchester United (MU), Armani, DKNY, Old Navy, Billabong, Quicksilver and many others. However these are all mostly shirts, tees and pants. No shoes or wallets and if you see any, they are mostly local brands.They have a great selection of cargo pants, shorts and beach wear for the men. But you have to check the items carefully as some of them may have a button missing or a slight tear. Overall, you tend to see more men spending time actually shopping at these factory outlets. Something you seldom see in Kuala Lumpur.
Women Shopping – Not that I shop much for women, but by browsing around, I saw quite a number of well known brands like;Zara, MNG, Esprit, Gap, TopShop, DKNY, Gucci, Armani, Miss Selfridge, Nike, Old Navy, Victoria Secret and the list just goes on. Not all the outlets may have the same things so the tip here is if you see something you like a any of the factory outlets, just get it as it will be such a hassle to go back to look for it thus wasting precious shopping time. Anyhow, the prices are anywhere from Rp.20,000 to Rp.80,000 per top. (That is about RM6.40 to RM25.00) for a top. Also for some skirts and pants. I did see a number of ‘hot-pants’ too.

Lost lady not knowing where to start….

For the larger sized men, there are XXL, XXXL or Big Size as they are known there. So, if you wander around the factory outlets and cannot find them, just ask one of the assistants where the Big Sized items are. However, there are not much available compared to the common size and do not expect top brands with Big Size.

Meaning, most of the stuff there is excellent for people who are no taller than 5′ 10″. I am 5′ 11″ and on trying the L size, it just does not fit. I need an XL but most of the choices there go up to L.

Bandung, Dago – Jetset Factory Outlet

Bandung, Dago – Glamour Factory Outlet.

I went into Glamour Factory Outlet and got myself a pair of DKNY Army 3/4 cargos for Rp.69,000 (Rm22.00). The sizes were from 28 right up till 38! So, choices for pants there are quite good. I saw a lot of beachwear at this factory outlet too.

Bandung, Dago – Blossom Factory Outlet

Bandung, Dago – Uptown Factory Outlet

The other thing is do not be fooled by the outlook of the entrance for these factory outlets. Once you make it inside, it just expands into this large warehouse which cannot be seen from the front. Easily, you can spend about an hour or two in there.

Bandung, Dago – Raffles City, Sounds like you are in Singapore suddenly.Bandung, Dago – Victoria Factory Outlet

Bandung, Dago – House of Donatello

This one factory outlet caught me totally off guard. From the front, I was assuming it was Donatella Versace and it looked very interesting but once I walked inside the factory outlet, I was utterly dissapointed. The outlet sells their own local brand for leather goods like Shoes, Bags, Wallets, Slippers. Mostly for the working class. So, not too happening for a factory outlet with a name like this. Then again, some of you may even like this.

Burberry Jeans @ Rp.169,000 (RM54.00)
Timberland Slippers by the hoards and some other brands too.

Bandung, Dago – Branded Shirts

At the Dago Factory Outlets, there is an amazing selection of working class clothes for the men. So men, at least you can spend time walking around checking out clothes for yourself. Ladies, this would also be great gifts for your loved ones, fathers and collegues! Sadly, I do not wear these type of shirts anymore since I work for myself.

My overall conclusion on Dago Factory Outlets – Excellent place to shop. Nice design and large factory outlets which caters to ladies, men and also children clothings. You can easily spend half a day here so be prepared. No point planning to come here for 2-3 hours as you will end up being dissapointed. Minimum of 4-5 hours is required here for shopping lovers.

Rumah Mode (pronounced Mo-day)
Jalan Setiabudi
Part of the Rumah Mode landscape
Rumah Mode is one of the more popular factory outlets located on Jalan Setiabudi. The place is very nicely decorated with excellent landscaping built on a large area with their own paid parking. To please the tired shoppers, they have a foot reflexology centre there. (1 hour about RM18.00!) For the hungry, they have a lovely cafe there too with nice ambience. Sadly, I did not explore the inside as I only made it into the main driveway during the rain to pick up some friends who went shopping mad at Rumah Mode factory outlet.Please note that on weekends, the road to Rumah Mode gets super jammed just to get there. On a normal day, the taxi would take about 5 to 10 minutes to get there from your hotel in town. But on weekends, it can take up to 20 or 30 minutes. Also, once inside Rumah Mode, be prepared for long lines just to try on the clothes. Seems like half of Jakarta are there shopping on weekends. The crowd is crazy on weekends so best to visit on weekdays. Seriously.
Natural Factory Outlet
Factory Outlet outside of Rumah Mode, called Natural. I went there to drop off some friends who spent like 6 hours of straight hard core shopping there. So, I really did not have a chance to explore the insides but according to my friend who did, she needed a foot reflexology half way through as her legs were aching and presto! There it was, inside Rumah Mode.
Distrohouse Outlet outside Rumah Mode
Another factory outlet next to Rumah Mode. If you are not up to walking and shopping 10 hours straight, then it would be a good idea to do just one area a day. Less stressful on your poor legs. Trust me.
The main road in front of Rumah Mode. Evening traffic passing a fruit stall.

Usually the van you hire will wait outside for you in the parking lots. For Rumah Mode, they have their own parking inside but it was super full when I went there. In the end, I just told me friends to meet us outside Rumah Mode in another factory outlet car park.Overall, Rumah Mode is one of the top factory outlets in Bandung and you will hear people talking about this place. It is also very popular with the locals in Indonesia. So, again, if you go there on a weekend, just be prepared. Tell your husbands or boyfiends to go elsewhere and find something to do as you can easily spend half the day there.

Factory Outlets at

Jalan Riau, Bandung

Jalan Riau – The Secret Factory Outlet

Jalan Riau is well known for the Factory Outlets here and some of the top outlets are found in this area. Excellent for children/kids clothes and amazing for womens clothes. The Secret at Jalan Riau is the first outlet you see when you get there. Nice design and very modern. Inside, the deco is one of the best around. The area is divided into three areas. The main adult shopping, a courtyard with toilets, free wi-fi and some stalls selling food and drinks. Then they have a kids section on the opposite side of the building.

The Secret – Personally, very stylish and modern

Shopping for kids is a haven at these factory outlets as there are just so many choices for you. Top brands and for all ages with really nicedesigns. Not like the ones you get in Tesco or Giant here. Oh yeah, for the women, this place has some great shopping too. So remember the name ‘The Secret Factory Outlet‘ in Jalan Riau.

Jalan Riau – Branded Club Boutique Outlet

The Jalan Riau area takes some serious walking as the factory outlets are not next to each other. towards the end where Heritage is located, it is a traffic junction with all four corners dominated with factory outlets. It is a good 1000 meter walk from one end to the other. So, get those comfy shoes on!

Jalan Riau – The Oasis Outlet

Along the walk from factory outlet to factory outlet, you will pass a small nice cafe to take a break and have some local food and drinks there. Walking around shopping at the factory outlets can make you really tired. Trust me, as a guy, even I was tired.

Heritage Outlet, one of the popular places in Jalan Riau

Jalan Riau – Heritage main entrance

Apparently, the Heritage building is one of the old Dutch influenced architecture and refurbished to maintain its look. It is connected to another huge factory outlet called Cascade. The items here are pretty good as well. I got some nice tees for my nephew in here. Easily one can spend a good 6 to 10 hours in the Jalan Riau area so be warned and warn your husbands or boyfriends.

Jalan Riau – Stamp, Opposite Heritage

Jalan Riau – The Summit Outlet

Jalan Riau – Terminal TAS

Terminal TAS factory outlet is well known for their bags, purses and shoes. in Jalan Riau. Some gentlemen items available. Nothing to shout about in terms of brands, so no high expectations please. I took a walk inside Terminal TAS but found nothing interesting. Then again for the working ladies, there seems to be a number of interesting items.

Jalan Riau – Formen Outlet

Ahh, finally a factory outlet only for the men in Jalan Riau. Stratagically called ForMen, I couldn’t help but walk in and to my surprise, everything for the man is in here. From casual to well dressed. At least they thought about the men. So wifes and girlfriends, send our spouses to ForMen while you go crazy shopping at the other factory outlets.

At one of the Factory Outlets, I saw these monster sized carps. Look at them, huge and fat!

My conclusion on the Jalan Riau Factory Outlets – This place is much better to spend your hard earned money than side street shopping in town area. The varieties available make life so much more interesting. If your hubby is a MU fan, then good for him. He can blow half his salary there to be the envy of his other MU buddies or YOU can simply do it for him.As mentioned above about the brands, just be cautious about the super luxury labels as they are 99% most likely fakes. So, if it floats your boat, then why not? Go for it!For the parents with kids, you will find these factory outlets a wonderland! There are just so many choices available for children with prices ranging from Rp.10,000 to Rp.50,000. Gap, Guess and you name it for the kids. A true deal if you ask me.
Shopping in Bandung at Paris Van Java Mall
Paris Van Java – Street shopping area

Paris Van Java Shopping Mall in Bandung is one of the popular shopping spots for the locals and also tourist. Located at Jalan Setiabudi, everyone and anyone in Bandung knows about PVJ as the locals call it. The name Paris Van Java came about because back in the day, Bandung was know as the Paris Of Java.

Paris Van Java – Entrance to Sogo

So, what is this Paris Van Java? According to the PVJ website, it is a Resort Lifestyle Place. A mega huge shopping mall which looks so much nicer than most of the malls around Bandung. I had some spare time so my driver suggested we go take a look inside. The mall is really huge with over 5,000 square meters of shopping and 200 European styled shops.

Paris Van Java – Outdoor shopping area

The kind of shopping you will find in Paris Van Java is from middle to high end items. So one would not find the cheaper brands there. One of the brands I saw there was Charles & Keith selling handbags and shoes. Other popular brands are Esprit, Mango (MNG), Roxy, La Senza, Rip Curl, Nike, Crocs, Adidas and many others. Do not expect Versace, Armani, DKNY, Prada, Hugo and the super top named outlets here.

Paris Van Java – Exotic plants stall

Overall, Paris Van Java is a nice place to go for a meal and do some window shopping. Only if you have the time to spare in Bandung. The ambiance in PVJs street area is also very nice. They have the open area with stalls in the middle selling various items from nick knacks to even rare exotic jungle plants. I was so tempted to buy some plants but I know it would not make it through the customs.

Paris Van Java – Staghorn Fern decorations

The way they use the Staghorn Ferns (Tanduk Rusa) is also interesting. Planted along the mall street, these Staghorn Ferns are huge, beautiful and well taken care of. I must say that the landscaping department of PVJ is really creative.

Paris Van Java – Choices of restaurants available

At Paris Van Java, there is a fantastic selection of food available. From local cuisine to international names. There are cafes and bars in the main entrance walk area and restaurants located throughout Paris Van Java. The mall is also pretty busy with most locals patronising or simply doing some shopping as they have Sogo and also Carrefour there.

Paris Van Java – ePlex, entertainment area

One part of Paris Van Java, there is an entertainment area with bars and clubs with live bands performing. Not forgetting the Karaoke which is called InulVizta. For the movie lovers, there is a cineplex called Blitz Megaplex and again for the kids, there is a Jurrasic World and also Kids-X-Kids Playground. With all of these places, it makes it the perfect family get away minus the Factory Outlet feel.

Paris Van Java – Pepper Lunch Hamburger Steak

For food at Paris Van Java, I tried the newly opened Pepper Lunch Japanese Fine Steaks. A fast food restaurant serving a variety of Japanese styled dishes. Only reason I tried this was they do not have it in Malaysia.

Another thing you have to be careful at PVJ is when it rains, the outdoor street area is not fully covered so walking there would be wise with an umbrella. Also, the parking on weekends can be really bad. If you have a driver, they would either drop you at he main entrance and pick you from there.

Cihampelas Main Street Shopping
@ Jalan Cihampelas

Cihampelas is the so called talk-of-town. Hotel staff will introduce this place when asking them where to go. Once you reach there, you are bound to see these mega huge over sized superheroes sticking out from the shops along the roads. Gimmick? Sure thing. Even I couldn’t miss it a mile away! An attraction that someone told me ‘it looks like a terrible version of Universal Studios’. The again, after the journey to Bandung, who would not want to miss this attraction? Only in Jalan Cihampelas, Bandung.
Catwoman in action
Superman through the roof
Superhero neighbors in action
Spiderman and his web
Of course, Batman! Cheaply done.
How can we not have Iron Man!
Ok, this one really got to me. Rambo?!?!
Small sign in red reads ‘Cuci Gudang’ hehehe
Perahu (boat)

This shop was rather unique. I stopped to take a second look. They should have called it Noah instead. But it was called Perahu!(Boat)

And then we have Tarzan. Look at the banner.Arnie @ Cihampelas

This one got to me. One look and we already knew who it was. Placed right on the stairs in front of everything, you would not miss Arnie here. I was also tempted to stand next to him for a pic. Then again, Not!
BB Guns @ Cihampelas
I could not believe it at first. Then I took a closer look. There were a few stalls selling these guns at Cihampelas. Looks like the real thing too.

Anime characters being sold just about everywhere in Cihampelas

My conclusion on the Cihampelas Shopping – Nothing worthy unless you don’t mind wearing common el-cheapo stuff. The prices range from Rp.5000 to Rp.30,000 there. In other words, most of the stuff is under RM10.00. But they are really nothing to shout about. Shop after shop, they all are selling mostly the same stuff you see in the first shop. There is a mall nearby too but after visiting the places, I just did not have the mood to continue here at Cihampelas as I was exhausted by 9pm.I honestly wouldn’t buy or wear any of the stuff there. Personally even for gifts or souvenirs…..nah! It’s like walking in a nicer Chow Kit shopping area (district in Kuala Lumpur). So only if you got time to kill, then go there. Otherwise, straight to the Factory Outlets in Dago, Jalan Riau or Rumah Mode.

Then again, if you are a low income earner having saved up for this trip, then it would be alright to come here. Meaning you will wear anything that cost under RM10.00 and doesn’t fuss. But don’t regret after spending hundreds here and move to the next place to find much more nicer stuff.

Also do not be fooled by the Factory Outlet signs around/along the Cihampelas road. They are substandard normal goods. The real stuff (branded) is NOT here. I saw many jeans there but none of the brands ring a bell in my head. Strange… I really cannot remember any of the brand names I saw.

However at Cihampelas, there are some small specialty shops along the road but nothing to shout about. A Tattoo parlor is also smack centre of the area for those who enjoy collection a tatt at every destination.

Cihampelas Walk or Ci-Walk

Cihampelas Walk Mall
Cihampelas (Chi-ham-pa-las) Shopping area is one of the popular places in town. Drivers or hotel staff will recommend this to you. So, with me having lots of time, I took a trip to see what it was all about. And my conclusion is right at the end of this posting with an overall rating.Currently undergoing some major renovations to beautify the place, there will be lots of construction going on around and outside the mall. But the Cihampelas mall is completed.
Ci-Walk Entrance – Ever famous Logo Board / meet up point

This is the main drop off and pick up area of Cihampelas and you will most probably be dropped off here by your driver or taxi. Too bad there are no waiting benches or kiosk selling drinks. So, if you are tired from walking, just be prepared to wait it out for a regroup or transport. There were 4 of us here so we split up and headed our own way and met back here at a specific time.
Cihampelas Walk – Just three floors of shopping
Inside Ci-Walk Mall there is mainly general shopping here so don’t bother if you are looking for real bargains, unless you get lucky with some store having a major sale. But if you have to go jalan-jalan, give it a visit. The mall looks pretty decent, clean and modern. Nice toilets too. And they have a ton of fast food here so only if you are a certified mall junkie, then go here.
One of those makeshift areas with a sale going on. Cheap too.

Anyway, I was walking around the Ci-Walk Mall looking for some factory outlets as someone told me there are factory outlets here. Sadly, after much walking, I did not find any factory outlet in the mall. There were some factory outlets outside the main road. Reminding you, this is not the factory outlet area. This is just a shopping area in Bandung.
Warung Talaga – Local food kiosk
One of the interesting local stalls outside the F&B area called Warung Talaga which was selling all kinds of Taufoo (Tahu). Tried it and it was rather interesting. Catch is you need to get a chair, more like a stool to sit and it was pretty crowded on the weekend and the Tahu was exceptionally great!
The local coffee. See the ’serbuk’(coffee dust) in it
Taufoo/Tahu Samosa. Very interesting
Another Taufoo/Tahu dish from Warung Talaga

So, I just made a quick walk around Cihampelas to pass time and did not do any shopping here. Just wanted to know what the hype was all about. I think the main street was more interesting. Again, seriously, unless you have lots of time, then visit Chiampelas Walk. Most people do.This is a nearby place in Bandung, relatively safe and friendly. A little shopping in the mall and lots of food choices. From local to fast food. Even an Italian restaurant was seen there. Great place to bring kids and husbands as you can dump them at one of the street’s restaurant while you go crazy shopping. Becareful going here on weekends as the traffic on the main road can get nasty. I went on a Friday and I had to wait for about 30 minutes for my driver (supir) to come pick me. The traffic jam can be crazy here on weekends so just a heads up.

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